A Deduster is connected directly to the output chute of the main machine. It removes any dust adhered to the surface of the tablets. The dust will be initially removed by the Vibrator and any remaining dust removed by the air shower. The removed dust is sucked up through the hose that is connected to the Dust Collector.

It controls ON/OFF in additional to Vibration Speed. Air supply / block is available by the ON/OFF switch at the controller.


TD-300DU 5 levels – TD-300DU 9 levels

Ø Max tablets diameter

Ø 25 mm

Output capacity – tab/hour

350,000 (con compresse Ø 10 – with Ø10 tablet)

Machine dimensions

Ø 500 x 1200(L) mm

Ø Bucket diameter

Ø 300 mm


65 Kg (5 levels) – 70Kg (9 levels)

Lifting up, down

Hydraulic cylinder lever type


220 V, 50 Hz